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CEO and Founder


  • NameP.D Helder
  • Joined1 Feb
  • CountryNetherlands
Owner and founder of 4Elements, motivated and passionate about the organisation to make it the best it can become. Always trying to become the best version of myself.

4E Beurdenboy

  • NameFerry van Beurden
  • Joined1 Feb
  • CountryNetherlands
Ferry aka Beurdenboy, owner and founder.
Owner and Founder

4E Plakslak

  • NameRicardo Bugter
  • Joined1 Feb
  • CountryNetherlands
Owner and Founder of 4Elements.


  • NameDave
  • Joined26 Oct
  • CountryNetherlands
I'm Dave Zwikker, also known as Low5. I'm 23 years old and come for the Netherlands. My passion for gaming started back on COD MW2. I played for a competitive team called EPiC who were 2nd in Europe back in the days. I'm studying to become a social worker for young kids, Mix my passion for gaming with my passion for helping out and stand at the beginning of our future and u have me.


  • NameKoen Schroots
  • Joined28 Oct
  • CountryNetherlands
My name is Koen Schroots "Fluxeh" and i am 22 years old. I was born in the Netherlands on 7 June 1997. In this business you need to strive for the best, take the best out off yourself and keep motivating other people! The grind will pay off!
Event/Community manager


  • NameTarik Borkes
  • Joined19 Nov
  • CountryNetherlands
I'm Tarik, 20 year old and I'm living in the Netherlands. Currently managing for 4Elements as Event/Community Manager.
Rocket League Manager and Community Manager


  • NameSamantha Schrijver
  • Joined20 Dec
  • CountryNetherlands
i’m Sammy, 26 year old, living in the Netherlands. Volunteering for 3 years within the esports so far, trying to break through and get a fulltime job within esports. Currently volunteering for 4Elements as a Rocket League manager and Community manager.